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Daniel Campbell

Operations Manager

Academy of Sport

London South Bank University

103 Borough Road
London SE1 0AA

 Testimony from Daniel

Nicky is simply one of a kind, her passion, commitment, success driven approach provides a strong foundation for health and wellbeing to flourish. Nicky’s attention to detail and unrelenting thirst for improvement is a rare and unique quality which sadly is disappearing from the fitness world. I have known Nicky for several years and I have had the pleasure of accompanying her on a few early morning workouts (I’m NOT morning person). Even before she has steps foot in the gym she has already visualised success, her workouts are like clockwork, every action has its purpose, every movement is precise, every drop of sweat takes her closer to her goal. I often struggle to keep up yet alone match her work rate. Fitness is at her core! The other thing that really sets Nicky apart from other fitness professionals is her magnetic personality, I have met very few people who continuously put the need of other before her own. Her indiscriminate support genuinely comes from her love to see others better themselves.

Testimony from Glen

Nicky exhibits a rare commodity in the fitness industry – a true passion to help and work with people to inspire them to achieve their goals. In a time where a lot of lip service is paid to putting the client first,  Nicky lives and breathes the core fundamentals of a client focused trainer.   My initial meeting with Nicky was one which showed her true character arriving before everyone else at the gym and itching to get started each day on her own self improvement. Where most fall down who carry this deep love for personal physical development is that they cannot understand those around who do not share the same boundless energy. Nicky has an innate ability to bring out the best in others and see the small steps they can take in order to progress themselves forward, combined with her continued upbeat personality I have witnessed her make key instrumental changes to peoples life in improving their health, fitness and ultimately their feelings of self worth.   Its not often when you offer to assist and mentor someone that they improve you more than you have improved them but with Nicky I can attest to her abilities to enrich your fitness journey.

Glen Danbury

General Manager
Hendon Leisure Centre

 Testimony from Simon

I’ve known Nicky for many years now due to the world of natural bodybuilding and personal training.

Nicky in my opinion is a goal setter and achiever and likes to push her self to the limits. This is a great asset that Nicky has and in my own experience of owning a business and employing and training people this puts Nicky into a very small category.

Simon Stevens

Founder EQ Nutrition


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