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If you are thinking about working with Nicky, do it.  I can honestly say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made in terms of health and fitness. 

I am stunned by how much my body has changed and the progress I’ve made. Nicky has helped me understand  the full spectrum of training,  teaching me how diet and lifestyle are as important as the time I spend training in the gym – its getting the balance between all of those right  that is ultimately changing my body composition and getting the results I had previously been unable to achieve. Nicky won’t just train you, she’ll teach you – working with her is like an education in training, nutrition and how to make it ALL part of your life.


After a long break from the gym and several failed attempts at getting back into shape Nicola helped me restart weight training and get the most out of the time I was putting in the gym.  Nicola set me up with a realistic plan that I could stick to and fitted around my schedule.  Nicola was firm in making sure I stuck to the plan though, didn’t cut any corners and supported my training with good nutrition, sleep and plenty of water.  In training sessions Nicola was enthusiastic and encouraging – I lost count of the times I’d say “I can’t do anymore”, and Nicola would quickly come back with, “You can!” and of course, she was always right!  Nicola’s help and advice was key to getting me back in the gym and keeping me going back and keeping my workouts interesting and challenging.


I came to Nicky for help with my diet. I’ve always been fairly active but wanted to lose some of the extra body fat I was carrying round so I could make weight for a martial arts tournament I wanted to compete in. Nicky was excellent and really opened my eyes to the importance of a scientific and educated approach to sports nutrition. Nicky has a great manner and is a fountain of sports and nutritional knowledge – she was super friendly, supportive and overflowing with enthusiasm every time I came to her. I really loved the practical and personal approach she took in working with me, devising a plan that worked with my particular food preferences, tastes and work habits but which still delivered results. Working with Nicky, I was able to eat more than I had done previously without ever feeling hungry and lose weight. I dropped almost 10kg and cut my body fat to its lowest ever. Most importantly however, Nicky’s advice allowed me to have the energy to train hard and feel strong while losing weight which ultimately helped me achieve success in competition.


After just a few sessions it became obvious that this was more than just a job for Nicky. Her enthusiasm for teaching you a joined up approach of fitness and diet are
infectious; you genuinely feel that she is as invested in your well being as you are. 
It’s this along with her deep knowledge, enthusiasm and drive that keeps you coming back for more, wanting to improve, change your body composition and re-define your physique.


I have found Nicky to be an extraordinary character and PT of tremendous passion, commitment and knowledge about body mechanics. Plus, she is an awesome person to hang out with. But don’t be fooled! She will push you to the limits during her PT session. YOU train HARD or YOU go HOME- the decision is yours.

I worked with Nicky for about 6 months. She educated me about nutrition and training. At this time I also struggled with a shoulder injury. Thanks to her expertise I changed my eating habits to reap the rewards of training. I also fully recovered from my injury and learned how to avoid future ones. Moreover, her attitude towards health, training and life inspired me and her knowledge encouraged me to educate myself further about health and training.

I can honestly say that working with Nicky was one of the best things that ever happen to me. It was a life changing experience. I can recommend her highly as a personal trainer to anyone interested in increasing his or her physical conditioning.


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